Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Meet: The Montana Photobooth Company

FACETIME Live Auction Special Opportunity: The Montana Photobooth Company

The Montana Photobooth Co., purveyors of old-school good times and keepsake memories for your wedding, party or corporate event. They provide the on-the-spot photobooth prints for you and your guests, you provide the grins.

Unlimited Photobooth Use
Free Prints for your guests
Unlimited downloads of photos
Free use of the prop box
Full-time attendant for your event



Today, we are proud to present the preview of the Artini Auction: FACETIME. Stop in to view this absolutely stunning show, place your bid on Silent Auction pieces, and purchase your ticket for what will be an unforgettable night of music by Secret Powers, photobooth by the Montana Photobooth Co., portraits by LadyPajama, facepainting by Jazmine and Saquoia Raymond, and food by James Bar.

Meet: Andy Smetanka

FACETIME Live Auction Artist Andy Smetanka

Andy Smetanka's silhouette animations have appeared in numerous feature films and music videos. More recently he has started making night lights and light boxes. He lives on the Moon-Randolph Homestead in Missoula, Montana with his wife and two sons.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Meet: Sam Bolt

 FACETIME Silent Auction Artist Sam Bolt

Samuel August Bolt is an Eighteen year old Citizen of Missoula, MT who sometimes likes to refer to himself as an artist. A Great Falls native, he was unwillingly moved to Missoula by his parents at the age of approximately five and a half, and after much deep emotional turmoil and introspective conflict was eventually able to accept his fate and his new surroundings. Almost immediately after this, he answered a knock at the front door in his pajamas and made a new friend. As he grew up in his new home, he continued to come into contact with many great people throughout the years who introduced him to such marvelous aspects of life as skateboarding, street art, rock and roll, and many others. These people, although very different from each other, collectively fueled his creative spirit and inspired him throughout the years. They planted and watered a seed inside of him that grew into the artist he is now, so really, he feels like he owes anything he has accomplished in art to them. These days, he tries his best to create imagery that is heavily representational of human emotion and personal experience. Covering anything from humor to sorrow, from true love to hopeless depression, he attempts to capture a full spectrum of feeling in his art, in hopes that it is reflected onto the viewer. He desires to share his view of the world and its impact on him in ways that he could never attempt to describe with the use of words, and therefore can only hope that when people view his work, they take away a smidgen of the emotion that was put into it, even if it is just a fraction ever so small. . . And if they just think that it is a nice picture to look at for a little while, that is just fine with him too. Although his love for Missoula and the people within it is unbreakable, he will be moving in a couple weeks to Bellingham, Washington, where he will attend Western Washington University and pursue his desire for a somewhat successful career in the field of graphic design. He hopes to go forth from there and someday make some sort of name for himself as an artist. However . . . his one true dream in life is to be a rock star.

Meet: Michael deMeng

FACETIME Live Auction Artist Michael deMeng
Michael deMeng is an assemblage artist who travels the world teaching and creating mixed media shrines. He has exhibited throughout the world with is unique style of “shrinalism”. His book, “Secrets of Rusty Things”, released in 2007. His second book, "Dusty Diablos" explores Mexican culture through his artistic vision and was releases in 2010.

Meet: C.Cordelia Raymond

FACETIME Silent Auction Artist C.Cordelia Raymond

C.Cordelia Raymond is currently completing the last year of her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at The University of Montana. She has been showing her work regionally around Missoula, MT since 2008; and serves as the president of the Universities ceramics club UMECA (University of Montana Emerging Ceramic Artists). Her work was accepted into the both the First and Second Biannual University of Montana and Montana State University Faculty and Student Exhibitions at the Archie Bray Clay Center. She has received two awards at UMT ceramics exhibitions, and in 2010 she received an educational scholarship from The President’s Excellence Fund to attend an Archie Bray workshop. This past January she completed a short-term residency at the Medalta International Artist in Residence Center in Medicine Hat, Canada. Her work can be found in the sales gallery of The Clay Studio of Missoula.

The hand-made vessel is an intimate and powerful object. When I create pottery I am endlessly drawn to embellishing the surface with rich decoration. As intrigue and the relationship between the user and the vessel are increased by intense decoration and function, so too are the viewer’s relationships with food and the act of consumption elevated.
The hors d’ oeuvres towers have been wonderful objects to create. I reference architecture, ritual and tradition in these forms which have been assembled of thrown, carved and altered cylinders. Tiny chambers with windows take shape in these towers, each meant to hold only one variety of food, and in turn they become individual throne rooms or shrines to their inhabitants. The precision in making the towers accompanied by the specificity the user must access to use them causes a sense of play or role-play that I love.
By displaying food in such regal ways, I intend for it to be given the attention and appreciation that sustenance deserves. The circular visual pull of these pots causes viewers to search and to slow their pace; making users view the food inside the vessels not only as precious, but as another element working to complete the visual and functional elements of the artworks.

For 'Facetime', this year's Artini Auction theme, I created a Vanity made within this same mindset. Getting ready for the day can be something that we rush through so we can run out the door. We look at our faces in the mirror to make sure everything its in its proper style, but we don't really take this time to just 'be' with and really see ourselves. Looking into the mirror of my Vanity will be like looking at one's own portrait. Hopefully the beauty of the Vanity will transcend to the viewer so that they see and feel their own beauty framed in the mirror. The intention of this piece to really make the user feel special and to encourage them to take the time to appreciate them self.